Another week went by. Really went by, ‘cose I can’t really remember anything useful I did these last 7 days. Ummm, nope, nothing at all. Just got my head up in the sky daily, with no self-control. I suck at life. No, really, I suck at life. I mean, why don’t I just play those fuckin’ 40game sessions then do whatever the hell I do ? Don’t know the answer to this question. Srsly, I don’t know.

I have only played 98 heads up matches this week, barely breaking even ($30 avg stake, 1% ROI, $25 profit). I just can’t seem to find the grinder’s attitude in me anymore. This sucks, because I still have to pay the interest at the end of every month. Fuck me and my thoughts of paying back all my debts in 2 months. It really is impossible. I played all miniECOOP events on ipoker, with a single fuckin’ mincash. I suck. Went out 2nd earlier this week in a $11 $3k guaranteed freezeout (270 players), good for $465, 3rd in a $10+R tourney for $104 (21 players) and 3rd in an affiliate freeroll (42 players), for $160. And I believe I’ve spent over $300 on miniECOOP buy`ins. Yeah, I’m up in MTTs. Breaking even in husngs and winning pennies at mtts makes me sad :) .

Finally, my first live cash game session this month was Tuesday. We played 1-2RON for about 7 hours. Fun times. Finished up 350RON (~$110), so this might be my first winning live month in ages (if I won’t play anymore). 1 sesh ftw. HA !

As for expenses, I really didn’t buy anything else but food, cigs and some medicine this week. I paid back half of my 1000RON debt to a friend a couple of days ago, so I think I spent somewhere aroung $400 this week. Including the 500ron. Still haven’t paid my college tax. note: must do it this week.

Having a near 0 balance on ipoker made me think about getting a stake for the $30 husngs. I talked to a friend from Thailand and he said he’ll send me $1k this week to play ~500 games with a 50/50+stakeback deal at the end. Sounds like a lot of games, but fuck it, I’ll grind 50/day with no problems. I have to, and I will.

HUSNG Profit : $25

MTT Profit : $447

Live Profit : $110