Well, it’s been a while since my last post. I was out on vacation for the last couple of weeks, but I’ve been back 4 days ago. In these last days, I’ve had the chance to talk to a couple of bright minds in the heads up sit’n'go world.

I remember the first time I’ve had contact with RyPac (husng.com founder and top coach). Damn I felt so stupid for not thinking half as good as he does. But then again, him and the other great guys releasing husng instructional videos (Cog Dissonance, HokieGreg, ITRIED2WARNU, Mersenneary and many others) have helped each other a lot throughout the years, thus reaching the point where they’re on top of the yearly profit leaderboards at their stakes.

As soon as I realized the treasure they’re hiding under their “standard membership” tag, I signed up for it.

Why on earth didn’t I do it earlier ? To this day, i don’t know. But one fact is for sure. HUSNG.com videos have helped me a lot in my husng ‘grind-for-a-livin’ endeavour.

Soon after i finished chewing the standard videos and had a hunger for more information, i quickly jumped into the “premium membership” train, thus gaining access to a lot of high level thinking videos, for the $50+ stakes. It felt great watching the game gods at work, explaining their decisions, making it all sound so easy :)

All in all, I’m writing this post in tribute to all the great guys that are doing hard work, recording and explaining their decisions. Money is not enough to thank them.


Great job, HUSNG.com !