thanks. now i want more !


played some $100 regspeed on ongame in june. fml for not trying them eariler. i’ll be taking $200s seriously starting 15th of july, right ? RIGHT !


OnGame | 786games | $8.69/game | abi $56.62 | avgROI 13.3% | $6,832 postrb

Pacific | 220games | $3.5/game | abi $50 | avgROI | 6.8% | $770 postrb

The Butcher of Bessarabia by The Crooked Fiddle Band on Grooveshark

oh, yes i do… think ?


i stopped playing live.

i stopped playing <$50s, forever.

i stopped smoking regular cigs. now i’m abusing the electrical cigarette.

i stopped smoking herbs daily.

i started running.

i stopped running after 4 days. my legs hurt.

i stopped playing 3+ husngs simultaneously.

i stopped spending a lot daily.

i started spending more time with friends.

i stopped having bad/depressive thoughts all day long.

i stopped taking modafinil.

i stopped thinking i’m the worst player ever.

i stopped playing long sessions.

i stopped trying to be coherent all the time. i gotta admit i’m just the average joe.

i kept listening to good good music.

i kept going to the movies weekly.

i kept laughing.

i kept staking decent players on pokerstars/ongame.

may. (more…)


oh april, u swingy fuck !


swingin’ in the rain



18h+ sessions, drugs and whatnot


to hell with writing long posts… it seems i never get the urge to do it.

so i started playing more live poker… i like it, it’s been good to me thus far, but it sure as hell is tiring. combining live and online grind is hard, imo. hence, i’m trying to lower the live volume and concentrate more on the interwebs.

of course i’m still playing $30s and $50s. vaguely taking shots at $100s. it’s like my brain doesn’t want me to move up. every time i try it, it doesn’t feel right. dunno, it’s starting to scare me. creepy stuff.

2011 was a fun year. i watched my dad get better after his plane crash, managed to scrape up a couple of cashes on the live “mini bi mtt” scene, met a bunch of awesome people and had a lot of cool experiences.

i set a couple of goals for this year : $150k in pokerprofits AND running my own business by december (be it online/live). I really think i need to have some residual earnings to keep my head straight.

starting february, i’ve been speculating a bit with long online grind sessions (did two thus far), with the help of modafinil. the volume is good, but i don’t seem to be in the zone for the last 4-5 hours of play. will come back with stats and stuff.

finally, inmotionhosting seems to be decent with hosting my online projects, so i guess i’ll stick to it for now.

keepin’ it standard with the “fatboypic+song.1/post” retardmagnet strategy.


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