damn you, webfuckinghosting…



and after the horrendous hubb.co disappearance, seems like iWeb’s $149/month server has a lot of issues, so i’ll have to relocate all my current web projects. I’ve been searching for some decent rated webhosting company to rent a server from for a while now, with no real success… everything is “on pending” for the time being. FML !


dem brutal life swangs.


so i finally managed to find a new host. this time, it’s for real. i’ve bought a dedicated server from iWeb… Costs me $150/month. But it’s well worth it, in my opinion… But then again, me and my opinions…


the bad thing is i lost the old database when the fkin’ scam “Hubb.co webhosting company” just vanished. without prior notice or anything. Simply dissapeared. Meh, that’s what u get for paying $5/month. this is no longer a problem…


meanwhile, I’ve been playing a bit online and a lot more live poker. Back in April, I made a deep run in the PokerStars Belgian Poker Series, in Namur. We chopped the tourney fourway, leaving 10kE to the winner. Finally busted 3rd, but got a good 52.7kE paycheck. Damn that felt good. Played my best, ran obv hot, and won an amount i’d had only dreamed about ’til then… those were some fun times.


…i’ll comeback with a longer post some other time, right now i’m just tired. got a lot of stories to tell, and I WILLL tell them here from now on. I should be more motivated than ever…


i plays gsop bucharest.


yay… just got a GSOP Bucharest package on OnGame. It’s a $1600 buy-in four day nlhe freezeout mtt, with 5 nights accommodation and $700 spending money. Adding the package to this month’s online winnings makes January 2011 my best month yet, despite running pretty rough most of it.

since getting back from vienna, two weeks ago, i played ~850 games, with a 500 game breakeven stretch. that’s pretty painful, and kinda fucked up my game for a while there. but then, had an upswing these last 4 days. up ~35bi in 200 games.

last week, i bought myself a wireless keyboard & mouse kit, webcam and a new printer… just felt i needed a small reward… also bought an 120gb ipod classic yesterday, and right now i’m moving my music collection to it.

i’ll start taking shots at $100s and $200s in february. 5-6bi shots at each level, though, ‘coz i need most of the profit to pay up some of my debts and dad’s operations (he’ll have to get cut again, because of Craiova’s shitty medical system).

a couple of days of peace, that’s what i need right now…




these are some of this month’s tilt days… something’s definitely happening to me. i’m trying to quit smoking, and I’ve switched from regular cigarettes to an electrical one. I could blame these tilt sessions on this fact, but i don’t know. It’s probably just my fault… probably i’m just running awful… probably… probably…

new year. new me.


That’s it. 2011 will be where I finally settle on playing poker for a living or not.
Target : $40.000 by 31st December 2011. 


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