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i’m a donkey.


Just came back from Bucharest. Lost 900RON (~$300) playing my usual loose-dumb cash game “strategy” (which I tend to realize it can never be profitable, not even session-wise… it’s just that STUPID). Played a 250+25RON (~$90) super satellite for the 2nd Romanian Poker Cup. Lost. Played a 35+10RON (~$15) 20 people rebuy tournament in a new fun location just outside Bucharest. Won 890RON, making a deal HU (after ~10 hands).

Poker Profit : ’bout tree fiddy

Total loss : -$390

*note : – very fun trip.

- won’t be playing any live cash games in the next 6 months. Agreed ? Agreed !

22-25 april


These last couple of days made me think about my game… I’ve been struggling with the heads up variance. But I kept playing, managing to keep my 50 husng game/day ratio in order. I need to get my confidence back.

HUSNG Profit : $324

MTT Profit : $456

… i go sleep naoaw.

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