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October 2012 Combined

you know, kid, you don’t talk much… i like you !


octobers suck !

again with a delayed post. i blame me for everything. i should’ve gotten my driver’s license, but i’m lazy. i should’ve passed my college year, but i’m lazy. i should’ve went to gym, but i’m lazy. i should’ve stopped being lazy, but i’m lazy. notice the trend.

anyways, nothing much outside-poker happened these last months. i feel like i’m trapped in my room, like i fell in love with its temperature and odor. my fkin muscles are dissolving ! get out, alik, move your fucking legs for a while. NO !

on the other hand, i’m pretty proud of myself for not going to pokerfest bucharest (1kEUR bi + another 6-700eur expenses) and staying home for ze online grind.

i tell ya, novembers rule ! best month ever, thus far. i’ve been playing some good pokers, main reason being my awesome run. these things go hand in hand, it seems. meaning i have not yet evolved into a good poker player. regular swinger, it’s what i am. stopped playing on my pacific account (horrendous rng… altho i kinda miss it sometimes) and currently, i’m waiting for the confirmation letter blablahs, pour commencer jouer au pocheretoilles avec beaucoup de gross poissons (AYE !)

the good regs avoid me, it seems, whilst the weak ones keep joining. i’m ok with that.

finally added $300 regspeeds to my daily routine. 125bb starting w/ 12min blinds iz teh fkin nuts !

staking is still “meh”. down ~3k last month, up ~2k this month from it. still pumping.

sleeping schedule is way off. i’ve been taking these codeine pills (Codamin) for my endless migraine. i should get treatment for my sinusitis, but i’m lazy.




wittle kiddy’s dead.


strange enough, i knitted up some balls that i could use when trying out $200 turbos on ongame. turns out i’m not a good taylor. tried my best, but ze gods didn’t grant access to the higher stakes. no problem, tho, despite the bad turn of events, confidence is back up, now that i’ve readded $50s turbos to my daily grind. SOON, YOU BASTARD HIGHER STAKES. SOON !

meh, forget about it (with that mob accent), life’s great. seems like spending a bit more time with gf makes swings easier. hopefully i’ll be back to them turbo 200s by the end of the month.

played three live plo sessions in my hometown. damn that game’s so addictive… ended down ~$300 overall, but it felt good.

august garphs

ongame | 530 | $2.41 | $108 | 2.9% | $1,276

ipoker | 100 | $17.97 | $76.5 | 19.6% | $1,797

pacific | 134 | $10.21 | $95.52 | 9.1% | $1,368


18h+ sessions, drugs and whatnot


to hell with writing long posts… it seems i never get the urge to do it.

so i started playing more live poker… i like it, it’s been good to me thus far, but it sure as hell is tiring. combining live and online grind is hard, imo. hence, i’m trying to lower the live volume and concentrate more on the interwebs.

of course i’m still playing $30s and $50s. vaguely taking shots at $100s. it’s like my brain doesn’t want me to move up. every time i try it, it doesn’t feel right. dunno, it’s starting to scare me. creepy stuff.

2011 was a fun year. i watched my dad get better after his plane crash, managed to scrape up a couple of cashes on the live “mini bi mtt” scene, met a bunch of awesome people and had a lot of cool experiences.

i set a couple of goals for this year : $150k in pokerprofits AND running my own business by december (be it online/live). I really think i need to have some residual earnings to keep my head straight.

starting february, i’ve been speculating a bit with long online grind sessions (did two thus far), with the help of modafinil. the volume is good, but i don’t seem to be in the zone for the last 4-5 hours of play. will come back with stats and stuff.

finally, inmotionhosting seems to be decent with hosting my online projects, so i guess i’ll stick to it for now.

keepin’ it standard with the “fatboypic+song.1/post” retardmagnet strategy.


1/4 may stats


ok. First week gone… Only played 159 games since i came back from Bucharest, with very good results… I obviously ran good on this timespan, but I really feel that my game is starting to shape up… I’m feeling pretty confident on my abilities at the moment, and I hope I’ll be keeping myself this way.

I didn’t play a single hand of live poker, and I’m not thinking on doing it for the whole month. No decent homegames left in Craiova that I know of…

Bought myself a Samsung G3 external 1TB HDD (~$120) to finally clear out all my PC and laptop data… I’ll be formatting both the next couple of days, and try to make HEM work on Windows 7 Pro.

Also bought these headphones for $30… I like them a lot… I love feeling the bass smashing my ears apart. Would definitely recommend to all music enthusiasts…

From now on, I’ll be adding a song and a picture to the post, if I’ve been profitable.

I’d love to be able to write tens of thousands of words talking about a subject, debating for long hours on various subjects, but damn my brain’s dead. I’m braindead… deadbraindead.

Ze Rollercoaster 20&21 April


The last two days have been an awkward variance experience for me… I’ve only been playing $21 and $31.5 heads up sit’n’gos… All in all I’m glad that I managed to recover from my yesterday’s ~20bi downswing.

Total Profit : -$16

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