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April 2010 recap.


I started April 2010 with the thought of playing an average of 50 husngs on a daily basis (~1500 total for the month). Obviously, I didn’t manage to do that, but I’m pretty happy with  my results for the month. Also, april has been the first month of this year I’ve finished as a winner at the MTTs. WHOA !

I kept withdrawing $ almost everyday to put up and pay some of my debts, but didn’t manage to scrape much, because I’ve spent more on bullshit.

These being said, I will only be paying my ~$700 interest this month, and keep grinding the $20s, $30s and maybe move up to the $50s by the end of May.

I’ve also made a propbet with a fellow poker player and friend, Bogdan. Whoever reaches $3k profit from sngs faster (me only playing $20-$50 husngs and him playing his $3-$12 fulltilt 90-135man KO and Rush sngs) wins a week’s trip to Egypt in a nice all-inclusive resort by the Red Sea. ’til now I’m owning him. OBV !

I’ve settled on playing a minimum of 1200 husngs in May (400x$20s,600x$30s and 200x$50s). Let’s hope I’ll win at least 30% more than in April.

Why does every sentence I write start with “I’ve” ? Because I suck.

By the way (no “I’ve”), I’m really thinking on getting some coaching for the 6max cash games in the next couple of months. I have found a very good coach, and rrrrrreally want to learn.

HUSNG profit : $2773

MTT profit : $630
Rakeback : $447
Live profit : -$1250

April 2010 Total : $2600

1/4 may stats


ok. First week gone… Only played 159 games since i came back from Bucharest, with very good results… I obviously ran good on this timespan, but I really feel that my game is starting to shape up… I’m feeling pretty confident on my abilities at the moment, and I hope I’ll be keeping myself this way.

I didn’t play a single hand of live poker, and I’m not thinking on doing it for the whole month. No decent homegames left in Craiova that I know of…

Bought myself a Samsung G3 external 1TB HDD (~$120) to finally clear out all my PC and laptop data… I’ll be formatting both the next couple of days, and try to make HEM work on Windows 7 Pro.

Also bought these headphones for $30… I like them a lot… I love feeling the bass smashing my ears apart. Would definitely recommend to all music enthusiasts…

From now on, I’ll be adding a song and a picture to the post, if I’ve been profitable.

I’d love to be able to write tens of thousands of words talking about a subject, debating for long hours on various subjects, but damn my brain’s dead. I’m braindead… deadbraindead.

i’m a donkey.


Just came back from Bucharest. Lost 900RON (~$300) playing my usual loose-dumb cash game “strategy” (which I tend to realize it can never be profitable, not even session-wise… it’s just that STUPID). Played a 250+25RON (~$90) super satellite for the 2nd Romanian Poker Cup. Lost. Played a 35+10RON (~$15) 20 people rebuy tournament in a new fun location just outside Bucharest. Won 890RON, making a deal HU (after ~10 hands).

Poker Profit : ’bout tree fiddy

Total loss : -$390

*note : – very fun trip.

- won’t be playing any live cash games in the next 6 months. Agreed ? Agreed !

April 1-19 hu



I’ve reset my sharkscope stats at the beginning of this month, with the thought of pure heads up sit’n’go (husng from now on) grinding on my mind. The first two weeks I’ve been a bit busy traveling to France for the 550Euro DeepStack Open (qualified for the seat, but spent ~$1300 on accomodation/flight/food and lost another ~$1000 at live pokers) but I still managed to play about 400 games ’til now.

I’m working on my heads up game, analyzing hands and sharing knowledge with fellow husng players, but I’m really thinking on acquiring a membership.

Total Profit : $1694

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