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8-15 May Swoooongz


Interesting things happening this week… I failed to grind the 400 games i planned to, but the swings were just terrible… I just can’t seem to have the mindset necessary not to tilt when I’m being two outered each match for like twenty games…

Absolute fail happened. I don’t really think there’s any winning player out there that experiences this kind of loss at the $30s… It’s like a ~23BI downswing, in a day. I wouldn’t call it a downswing, because I’m pretty sure my game quality morphed into some kind of monkey tilt… I just couldn’t stop. What’s wrong with me ? Well, I don’t know. Maybe it’s just plain variance kickin’ my ass. Up and down, up and down…

This week I made a couple of payments (phone, internet, electricity, food, sharkscope/husng membership, renewed about 10 domains etc.) and tomorrow I’ll be payin’ my college tax ($250)… Also, I’m really thinking on buying a larger monitor (currently grinding on a 19? Samsung), this one being first on my “want”-list (~$300)… I hope i’ll make the order by the end of this month. If I manage to turn out a <$3k profit (which would be very hard to accomplish), I’ll be buying two of them :)

I started playing the $10.50SO and $22 $5k SO Heads Up MTTs on PS, currently trying to build a strategy that should work over there, ‘cose my high postflop aggression factor doesn’t seem to help a bit in these knockout tournaments.

So, this week I played 355 husngs, with an average stakes of $29, average ROI of 4% and a total profit of $356… That’s bad, ‘cose I was up ~$650 at a time (graph below).

i’m a donkey.


Just came back from Bucharest. Lost 900RON (~$300) playing my usual loose-dumb cash game “strategy” (which I tend to realize it can never be profitable, not even session-wise… it’s just that STUPID). Played a 250+25RON (~$90) super satellite for the 2nd Romanian Poker Cup. Lost. Played a 35+10RON (~$15) 20 people rebuy tournament in a new fun location just outside Bucharest. Won 890RON, making a deal HU (after ~10 hands).

Poker Profit : ’bout tree fiddy

Total loss : -$390

*note : – very fun trip.

- won’t be playing any live cash games in the next 6 months. Agreed ? Agreed !

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